All companies these days boast about having award winning customer service (CS).  AT&T, T-mobile, Apple, Sony, HP, everyone! I guess two of the companies that do not beat half as much the drum as others are Sony and HP. I, like many of you, have had experience with all.

Call AT&T and you will be greeted with a beautiful voice telling about the “award-winning” AT&T CS. Then wait for a couple of minutes before someone on the other end answers your phone and tells you that you can only be helped by the other person who also tells you the same thing. 20 minutes and a lot of frustration later you will hang up the phone and will start wondering who can help.

This attitude however, is not unique to AT&T. All large corporations, like Apple and T-mobile, are the same. T-mobile for instance will accept money from you no matter how you want to pay but when it has to pay you back it will send you a check (the only mode of pay back) and if you want to talk to someone about it, you need to write a letter. Yes, snail mail. Tough luck there!

Apple makes great products but its “care” comes at a price. Otherwise Apple does not give a …. You know what I mean!

On the contrary, Sony and HP both have great customer service departments but you would not hear them boasting all the time. Sony makes great laptops and HP does not but both these companies really take care of their customers.

All this makes you wonder, who certifies these awards? Who gave AT&T an award on their customer service. I mean you only have to call AT&T once to see how they throw you from one person to another, still they got this award.

I guess I have broken the code here. Award winning customer service actually means, win an award if you manage to get any customer service out of a company. And in today’s market, awards are like money in a highly inflated economy. Everyone has some but it is useless.