I must admit that my review of the differences between the two OS’s is just going to fit somewhere in the wall that separates the Mac and PC worlds, if at all. Nonetheless, I would like to offer my view for those of you who are probably thinking about making the move. Some of you are on the verge of buying a Mac and others have just spotted one with a friend and thought it is “kool”. Well, here are some of my thoughts and why you should or should not go for a Mac if you have been an avid PC user all your life.

The obvious first step would be to ask yourself, “why do I want to shift to a Mac?”. Seriously, this is the first and the most important questions. If your answer is that you want to look cool, then you should get a Mac. Macs are pretty, agreed, but they are expensive too. Therefore, your decision must be based on need unless you have just over a thousand dollars to spare.

Do your research and see for yourself if the OS offers the features that you are looking for. It may not be for you!  Moreover, more software are avialable for PCs rather than Macs. Even universities that offer productivity softwares free for PC, don’t offer the Mac version for free.

Would you want to buy a $119 MS Office that you could otherwise get for free from your university? This alone will take the price of your computer from $1199 + tax to just shy of $1400. I have not found anything else that you would immediately need after you shift as much as MS Office. You do have alternatives though, the best being Open Office from OpenOffice.org and it does a pretty decent job only if you do not need compatibility with MS Office.

Another surprising thing about shifting to a Mac in this day and age is that Windows has really come a long way, and you will miss Windows for few of the most basic things that you hardly ever noticed in a Windows system before. Win 7 has improved a lot from its predecessors and it is comparable to the Mac OS X Lion in many aspects. I completely disagree with those who say that OS X is a superior OS.

Win 7 is stable and does not require restarts that often either. I do sometimes see a message stating that Win 7 has re-started due to some error but that happens once in 6 months, may be less. Also, I haven’t seen a BSD (blue screen of death) on my Win 7 system for almost a year now.

In terms of hardware, the new Macs do get hot even with minimal load. I could never fill the 4GB RAM on my PC, but OS X did show the rainbow circle few times with low load. You will find the same fan noise intensity that you would find on a PCs fan. Also, the uni body, with all its hype is something that you pay for, bring home, keep protecting, and then sell. You will hardly ever enjoy the beauty of the thing since it is so fragile. But it does look good, infact better than any PC laptop out there.

My point is, that if you are buying a Mac thinking that it will give you something more than Win 7 than it is not true. If you think that OS X is superior, that is also not true. What is true however is that the trackpad that you find on Mac is far far superior than any trackpad found on any of the windows machines but that alone, does not justify spending $400 extra, in my opinion.