I am not sure if it only happens with me or there are others who have to go through this as well. Random people keep using my email id all the time for registering to all sorts of services and I really mean all sorts. Apparently many people in the world share my name but they forget that this does not give them rights to MY_NAME@EMAIL.COM. They don’t get it. Therefore, because of their neglect my email inbox gets insanely large number of junk mail and random unsolicited subscriptions emails. Needless to say, for the same reason, I am always on the look out to catch someone red handed.

Recently, a guy registered in some technical skills school using my email ID. The good thing is that the institute sent all the log in info straight to my inbox. I couldn’t be happier!!! When you are long-term pissed off without actually having the handles to the persons who are doing this to you, and someone finally falls into your unset trap, you really feel like taking it all out.

Consequently, I went to Google images, not to search for this guy, but for a donkey’s image that would make a good profile picture on the institutes’ website. Second, I changed the gender. Thrid, I registered him into another course at the same campus and then I logged out. It was a good feeling although I did feel bad about the guy since he had to bear the burnt for his likes as well but I had actually found one of the culprits, I had been looking for years. Two days later I get an email from this guy asking me to send him “his” username and password, I did not reply and I won’t.

So, did I do something wrong?