Humans speak or portray their ideas best when they say it anonymously. This is a fact that remains at the epicenter of conversation and critique. This is why most meaningful and trusted polls and gallops are annonymous. Expression is most pronounced and accurate when you do not have the fear of subsequent rebuttals. This is when most speak their hearts out.

Facebook was great. It was the “in thing” that every one used to talk about. It has however gradually turned into a monster where all your personal information resides and all your friends and family also reside. This is the kind of place you do not want to be in. This is the kind of place that you used to take a hike from.

As a result, a majority is now stuck somewhere between being politically right and being right. Facebook is generating patients of multiple personality disorder far more than we will ever be able to cure.

Facebook has little to sell now. It has every bit of information it needs about you and this is the information any company will spend millions to get their hands on. However, the same predicament exists here – this is not the room you want to get exposed in. Simple.

Moreover, this is exactly the reason why Google+ is turning out to be such a huge disappointment for Google.

“Abundance of personal data bars its use with other non-personal services.”

Some reports suggest, and Facebook denies, that teenagers are no longer interested in Facebook because their parents are also on Facebook stalking them. Stalking or not, they are there and the kids don’t like it.

It is no wonder then, that services such as Instagram and Snapchat have gathered so much crowd at their servers. They act as a get away from home, a get away from Facebook.